Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mobile Country Code(MCC)

MCC consists of 3 decimal numbers. It indicates the home country of the mobile subscriber.
 MCC is composed of 3 decimal numbers. The coding range is decimal 000-999.
MCC is used in international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and location area identity (LAI).
1. LAI.  It is periodically transmitted in system information of each cell. MCC indicates the home country of GSM PLMN. MS uses the received information as the important basis for network selection.
2. IMSI of MS.  MS IMSI also contains MCC. It shows the resident country of the mobile subscriber. When MS logs on the network or applies for a certain service, it must report IMSI to the network (When TMSI is unavailable.). The network uses the MCC in IMSI to judge whether this subscriber is international roaming subscriber.
As the unique country identity standard, MCC source is allocated and managed by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). ITU Recommendation E.212 (blue book) regulates the MCC number for every country. MCC of China is 460 (decimal). Due to the special meaning of MCC, modification is prohibited once it has been set in the network.

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